New Hope Leadership Academy

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Our School Code is JQYZMJ 

What is NHC...

New Hope Collegiate is a one or two-year program for athletes who played high school sports but did not receive a scholarship to a 4 year institution.

New Hope Collegiate is dedicated to providing a second chance/opportunity to those who made mistakes academically but still want to earn a degree and/or scholarship and are looking to continue playing the sport that they love and participated in during their high school years. To qualify to participate with New Hope Collegiate, all student athletes must be enrolled in our Apprenticeship  Program and/or  attending College and register with New Hope Leadership Academy.

What are Benefits of NHC...

Athletics Benefits

- Don't lose on field eligibility the first year

- Become Bigger Faster Stronger

   (Speed, Agility, Strength, Explosion Training)

- Individual Skill Development

-Play for Conference Championship 

- More Game Film

- Film Evaluation

- Student-Athlete Marketing to 4 year colleges

Personal Development

- Financial Literacy

- Life Skills

- Vocational Skills

- Work Study

- College Tours

- Work Study

- Career Exploration



$250.00 is due before entry into New Hope Collegiate. Students are responsible for their athletic fees that can be financed into monthly payments.




Track & Field-$300


Please be reminded that if you play more than one sport, It is a $150 transfer uniform fee.

Academic Financial aid Is through FASFA  if qualified

What Sports program Athletic Fees (TUITION) pays for:

Home games sports venue

Game officials

Publications/media supporting the students

Sports uniforms, cheerleader uniforms, program attire

Transportation to road games

*All application fees and tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE  rather you participate or not all Football athletes Are Recommended to Bring your own Helmet and Shoulder Pads, but Required to Bring Cleats, 7 Pad Girdles, Mouth Pieces.. Once items are purchased they are designed and tailored towards That specific individual. It doesn't matter if the individual quits or is injured during your tenure with the program, once you're advanced into New Hope Collegiate YOU are a participant and we will start the process of purchase for you*. 


If you're interested in playing for the 2022-2023 Season, please contact us at or 

Demond Logan  803-414-5851 (Football, Basketball or Track) 

George Robinson- 803-315-8567 (Football)

Maurice Oliver 803-540-6936 (Football)

Chirs Dorrah- 803-600-5560 (Basketball)

Scott Weaver 803-331-7676 (Basketball)