New Hope Leadership Academy

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Mission Statement 

The mission of New Hope Leadership Academy is to provide methods through mentoring that would effectively serve at-risk youth by provide advancement for education or career opportunities. New Hope Leadership Academy’s core principles of mentoring, athletics/advisement, leadership, education and scholarship is developed to insure that every student attending New Hope Leadership Academy receives a quality education that will allow them opportunities to pursue future educational goals at higher institutions of learning or career employment that best suits their needs.

Program Description 

NHLA is a virtual school that focus on a mentoring program who assists those who have ran in to problems in the classroom or the school environment with opportunities to advance their education and employability skills. NHLA consists of athletic programs for home school, public schools, private school, and virtual school students. Our goal is help these youth complete their high school diploma and seek assistance with obtaining career employment or acceptance into a two or four year colleges or universities. NHLA will also assist those who may not be in need of assistance in the classroom but would like to pursue entrepreneurship of their choice in high school and beyond. NHLA prepares our youth academically and athletically by teaching student’s responsibility, discipline, respect, professionalism, job skills and a great work ethic.